Workers' Compensation Can Protect Your Business

When a worker is injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation coverage protects your business operations and perhaps more importantly, helps to facilitate the injured worker’s recovery and return to work. We take care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

The coverage consists of two parts to help you breathe easier:


Workers’ Compensation insurance

Agrees to pay the benefits required under the applicable workers’ compensation law, including medical costs and lost wages (up to statutory limits).


Employers’ Liability insurance

Provides coverage for your legal liability to employees not covered by workers’ compensation law.

PolicySweet Worker's Compensation: Protect Your Business and Employees

That’s great, but what’s covered?

 Missed wages

Employees miss work because of a work-related injury or illness? Your coverage can provide their missed wages.

 Medical expenses

When a worker has work-related medical bills

 Ongoing support

Sometimes it takes a while for a worker to get back on her feet. Your coverage includes benefits for ongoing care.


When an employee is injured on the job, your Workers’ Compensation coverage is here to help.


Illness can sometimes occur due to a work-related incident. Your employees may be covered.


Medical bills and lost wages don’t have to be a burden for your employees when you have Workers’ Compensation coverage.

 Compliance with state laws

Our workers’ comp policy helps avoid penalties and fines by your state for not having the proper insurance

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What if I have a claim?

 Great Customer Service: Our committed team and tailored approach offers countrywide capabilities and responsive claims management services*. In the event you have a claim, you can rest easy knowing that our claims approach is proactive and hands-on.

What can I do to help keep my employees safe?

Your PolicySweet® Workers’ Compensation policy comes with Great American’s loss prevention expertise. Our specialized resources can help you in:

  • Identify areas of loss or exposure to your business
  • Develop a loss control program
  • Determine areas that impact your experience modification rate
  • Assist with regulatory compliance

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