Are you interested in working with PolicySweet and meet the following criteria?

1. Have an existing focus on small commercial business

2. Have an online presence and willing to put a hyperlink on your current website

3. Have a willingness to commit to writing new business with PolicySweet and generate $500,000 in annual premium

If so, please fill out the form below. A PolicySweet representative will then contact you about the PolicySweet for Agents program!

If you're interested in learning more about the program please visit our website page dedicated to PolicySweet for Agents at You'll be able to find more information highlighting the benefits and features for becoming an exclusive PolicySweet agent.

What states are you licensed to write commercial business? (Please check all that apply)
Which of the following small commercial industries are you currently writing?
Are you currently utilizing a commercial multi-carrier comparative rating tool/website?
Does your agency have a website?
Are you willing to commit to writing at least $500K of new business per year with PolicySweet in WC, BOP and HomeHQ (includes both online auto-binds as well as agency-bound business) ?
Are you currently appointed with any divisions within Great American Insurance Company?