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First, select the coverage your business needs.

We can help protect your employees with Workers’ Compensation insurance and your business with a HomeHQ or Business Owners insurance policy. HomeHQ coverage is designed for home-based businesses to protect against liabilities you could face from running a business out of a home. A Business Owners Policy combines general liability, property insurance, and cyber coverage into one package making it easier to manage your coverages.

Our experts will then ask you to answer a few questions about your business so that we can tailor a policy unique to your company.

Once you confirm your coverage limits, you’ll get a quote. If you accept the coverage, you can start protecting your business!

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Why Choose PolicySweet?

There are several reasons why you should choose PolicySweet to insure your business, including:

  1. We make it simple and easy to get coverage for your business. See our 3-step process for obtaining insurance > 

  2. We offer coverage in multiple states. View the state locations we offer coverage in > 

  3. We can help protect both your business and employees. Check out our coverage options >

  4. We provide insurance to multiple industries. View the industries we help to protect >

  5. We are backed by decades of experience with Great American Insurance Group standing behind us. Learn more about Great American Insurance Group >