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PolicySweet® is dedicated to providing insurance for self-employed individuals and small businesses to help protect the businesses they have built. If you’re interested in supporting small businesses, check out some of the exciting opportunities we offer:

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Some of the coverages we offer include: a Business Owners Policy, Workers' Compensation, and HomeHQSM

BOP and HomeHQ are both insurance bundles, meaning they combine multiple coverages together into one policy. A BOP is geared towards those that operate from a commercial space. Whereas, HomeHQ is designed for home-based businesses. A BOP is comprised of general liability, business property and cyber-risk coverages. General liability, business property, and inventory coverage make up a HomeHQ policy.

Workers' Compensation is typically recommended for companies that hire employees. It can cover costs associated with workplace accidents.

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We provide coverage to various main street and home-based businesses. Click on the link above to see the complete list of industries we work with.

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