Maryland Workers' Compensation

If you are a small business in Maryland, you likely need Workers’ Compensation to help protect your employees and business. Maryland Workers’ Compensation is an insurance-based protection program that can help injured staff return to work. At its core, it can also protect your business from costly lawsuits and unnecessary risks.

Navigating Maryland Workers’ Compensation insurance can be confusing. Fortunately, PolicySweet® is here to help ensure you get coverage at an affordable price. Contact us or request a free quote to get coverage for your business today.



Workers’ Compensation in Maryland — Protection for Your Business & Employees

Workplace injuries can be costly, and some injuries might have a detrimental financial impact on your business. That’s why it can be crucial for employers to help protect themselves and their employees by purchasing Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Also known as Workers’ Comp, Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that can provide financial support to injured or sick employees. In short, it could be a safety net for business owners and employees after workplace accidents occur.

The benefits of Workers’ Comp are designed to help ensure that employees receive medical care and financial support during recovery while helping to protect employers financially and legally. To help avoid legal expenses and compensate employees for their work injuries, businesses should ensure their Workers’ Compensation policies are up to date.

Why Does It Matter for Your Business’s Success?

Many states, including Maryland, legally require the majority of businesses to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance. If your business is uninsured, you could be held liable to help pay for medical expenses and lost wages to your employees in the event of a work-related injury.

However, with Workers’ Compensation, your insurance provider could cover these costs for you. In addition, you could avoid paying possible penalties and other liabilities, thus helping to protect your business from financial harm while ensuring operations are undisrupted.

Beyond business protection, Maryland Workers’ Compensation insurance may help you attract top talent that could help with the success of your company. In addition, many employees retain their jobs when they feel secure and protected.

Who Is Required To Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Each state has different Workers’ Compensation laws and requirements. In Maryland, the law requires most employers to carry Workers’ Compensation if they have one or more employees. If employers fail to get the proper insurance coverage, it could result in penalties, such as fines.

While some businesses may be exempt from Workers’ Compensation requirements, having such coverage in place could save your business from a financial setback. Thus, if you are a small business owner, a sole proprietor, or an independent contractor, you should consider purchasing Workers’ Compensation from PolicySweet.

We offer Workers’ Compensation insurance for various sectors, such as:

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Insurance: What It Covers

Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation law may require employers to pay for a wide range of expenses when an employee is injured or falls ill due to work conditions. Workers’ Compensation insurance from PolicySweet may cover the following expenses on your behalf:

Medical Expenses

If a worker sustains an injury in the workplace, Workers’ Compensation in Maryland may cover the immediate medical costs. This coverage may also include hospital and nursing services, medications, surgeries, and other associated costs.

Lost Wages

When your employee has missed wages due to work-related injuries or illness, your coverage may compensate for their lost income during recovery.

Training Support

Injuries at work can sometimes keep a worker from returning to work. As such, Workers’ Compensation can pay for rehabilitation or therapy to help an employee get back to work again.

How Much Does Maryland Workers’ Compensation Cost?

The cost of Maryland Workers’ Compensation varies widely based on your industry. Usually, the riskier your business is, the more you could end up paying for Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Additionally, insurance cost differs from one business to another, depending on employee job classifications, your company’s claims history, and gross annual payroll. Higher payroll expenses may mean higher insurance premiums.

Where To Get Workers’ Compensation in Maryland

If you own a business in Maryland, consider buying Workers’ Compensation insurance from PolicySweet. We specialize in helping businesses in Maryland provide their employees Workers’ Compensation with ease at affordable prices.

Moreover, we also offer a Business Owners Policy (BOP) and HomeHQSM coverage. When you work with us, we can tailor your policies to fit the needs of your business.

Why Choose PolicySweet

At PolicySweet, we understand that Maryland Workers’ Compensation can be confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be. We make it easy to find Workers’ Compensation insurance that you can trust and afford, so you can focus on growing your business.

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