Prepare and Protect Your Small Business

As a business owner there are a variety of risks that your business may be exposed to such as injuries, fire, theft, equipment damage, cyber threats, and more. Unexpected events can damage the financial health and reputation of your business as well as impact its operations. 

Follow the three steps below to help prepare your business against common risks: 

  1. Understand and assess risks your business could face
  2. Develop a plan with practical ways to help protect against the identified risks
  3. Implement the plan to reduce risks

The more proactive you are at minimizing risks, the more likely you can focus on growing your business instead of handling situations that arise. Understanding and identifying potential risks can also help your business reduce issues and be better prepared if an incident does occur.

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How Else Can You Protect Your Business?

One way to help protect your business is to obtain insurance coverage. We know that it is not possible to eliminate every potential risk your business is exposed to and that accidents still happen.

Business insurance can help reduce the impact a risk could have on your company and could protect it against liabilities. It can even place your company in a better position if it has to handle a loss or recover from an accident.

PolicySweet® offers several types of coverages including Business Owners Policy (BOP), Workers’ Compensation, and HomeHQ. Each type of coverage helps to protect against different risks and situations. Learn more about the types of coverages below: 

Types of Coverages:

Business Owners Policy

business store front

Protect your business:

Business Owners Policy is a ‘one-stop’ option for key coverages. It combines multiple commercial insurance policies into one package including general liability, business property, and cyber insurance. It can protect against third-party claims, property damage, cyber-attacks, and lawsuits.

Workers' Compensation


Protect you and your employees:

Workers’ Compensation coverage could help to ensure that employees are taken care of if they become injured or ill at work. It could also help to protect you from financial and legal expenses related to a work injury or illness. It can cover hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and missed wages due to an injury. 



Protect your home-based business:

HomeHQ is designed exclusively for home-based businesses and businesses that operate from a kiosk or cart. It could provide coverage for business liabilities that a homeowners or renters policy does not typically cover. HomeHQ can help protect against client injuries that occur while doing business at your home and expenses related to replacing inventory due to a covered loss