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Introducing HomeHQ by PolicySweet! HomeHQSM  is designed specifically with home-based businesses in mind. If you operate a business out of your home, you may need a home-based business insurance policy.

HomeHQ: Insurance for Home-Based Businesses

HomeHQ could provide coverage for business liabilities that a homeowners or renters policy does not typically cover. HomeHQ coverage includes:

Business Liability Insurance:

It may protect against third-party bodily injury, associated medical costs, and legal claims filed against your business.

Business Property Insurance:

It could protect your business from loss due to fire, wind, and more. Property liability insurance replaces business property caused by a covered loss.

Business Stock Insurance:

It may cover the cost of replacing business inventory or merchandise in the event that it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

How Much Does Home Business Insurance Cost?

Utilize our free cost estimate calculator to determine what home-based business coverage could cost:

How Do I Insure My Home-Based Business:

Ready to protect your at home business? HomeHQ is exclusively made for home-based businesses. You could get a quote in minutes and insure your business as soon as tomorrow.


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Reasons to Obtain Home-Based Business Insurance:

Are you an entrepreneur that runs a business from your home? At home businesses should consider obtaining a home-based business insurance policy for several reasons, including:

If Customer or Client Visit Your Home Office

Do you conduct in-person business meetings from your home office or have customers regularly visit your home business? A HomeHQ policy could protect your business from lawsuits involving third-party injuries that occur while conducting business at your home-based office. Without home business insurance, your company could be liable for out-of-pocket costs of a claim.

If Your Business Operates from a Mobile Space

HomeHQ by PolicySweet could provide coverage for businesses that operate from a mobile space like a kiosk or cart as long as business operations are primarily run from the location of a home. This could include businesses like a DJ, pet walking service, and coffee cart company.

If Your Business Equipment Needs to Be Protected

If your business owns tools or equipment in your home, it may be covered by a HomeHQ policy. If you would not be able to afford the cost to repair or replace equipment that your business relies on for work, you may want to consider HomeHQ coverage.

If Your Business Carries Inventory

You may want to consider HomeHQ coverage if your business is dependent upon physical products. If a covered loss impacted the stock of the business, the cost to replace it could be covered by a HomeHQ policy.

Find Coverage for Your State

PolicySweet offers HomeHQ coverage in several states. To learn more about coverage in your state, click on a link below.


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