Connecticut Workers' Compensation

As a small business owner in Connecticut, you know that Workers’ Compensation can be essential to help protect your employees and your business. Finding comprehensive coverage at an affordable price is a challenge many employers face. You want to ensure you get a reasonably priced policy without sacrificing quality or protection.

PolicySweet® offers comprehensive Workers’ Compensation policies that can be explicitly tailored for businesses in Connecticut. Our policies are designed with small businesses in mind, so you can get the protection you are looking for at an affordable rate.

If you’re ready to obtain quality Workers’ Compensation insurance for your small business employees, contact us today or get a free quote using our application form.


Understanding Workers’ Compensation Laws in Connecticut

Workers’ Compensation is designed to help provide employees with medical care and payment for lost wages if they become injured or ill due to working conditions.

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) is the state’s regulating body that helps ensure registered businesses follow the proper requirements. According to Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act, employers who regularly employ one or more employees should carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

If you fail to provide Workers’ Compensation to your employees, the state could charge you with a class D felony. The penalty for this crime includes upwards of $50,000 and up to five years of imprisonment.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Connecticut?

Workers’ Compensation can protect employees in case of workplace-related accidents or injuries. With that said, employees could enjoy the following benefits from Workers’ Compensation:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

When an employee is hurt on duty, you should seek medical care from a preferred medical provider and report the injury to your insurer.

If the injured employee refuses to receive medical care, they could lose their rights to Workers’ Compensation. Consequently, they could file a legal claim for their injuries.

Purchasing a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation policy may not only be beneficial for your employees, but you can also reap tangible benefits.

Not only will you be able to provide a safe working environment for your employees, but you can also help protect yourself from potential litigation costs or reputational damage associated with workplace injuries.

What Should Be Included in Connecticut Workers’ Compensation?

A standard Workers’ Compensation policy in Connecticut can include the following benefits:

Medical Expenses

This goes without saying. Your Workers’ Compensation policy can provide coverage for the medical expenses of injured employees.

Lost Wages

If an employee is required to take a few days or weeks off due to their workplace injury, your policy could cover a portion of their lost wages.

Rehabilitation Benefits

If the injured employee sustains a long-term injury, the policy could cover the cost of necessary rehabilitation programs.

How much your employee receives for their injuries depends on multiple factors, such as the severity of their condition, their average hourly wage, the length of recovery time, among other things.

How Can PolicySweet Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Needs?

One of the many challenges associated with finding the right Workers’ Compensation policy is finding an insurance provider that can offer quality coverage at an affordable rate.

PolicySweet offers reasonably priced policies with small businesses in mind, so you can get the protection you might be looking for at a great rate.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Affordable Insurance Solutions:

We understand the financial constraints of running a small business, so we offer competitive rates for Workers’ Compensation policies.

Personalized for Small Businesses:

Your Workers’ Compensation policy should be tailored to meet your needs, business type, and size. We provide customizable policies designed to help give you protection based on the nature of your sector.

Straightforward Application Process:

We know that your time is precious, which is why our application process is convenient and straightforward. We can help save you the hassle of filling out paperwork and provide easy-to-understand documents that can make it simple for you to know what could be included in your policy.

Legal Compliance With State Laws:

We know the various state laws governing Workers’ Compensation. Our policies adhere to state laws, so you can be rest assured that your policy complies with local regulations.

Start Helping Protect Your Employees and Business Today!

As a business owner, your employees are one of your greatest assets. When you help take care of them, they can return the favor by helping to take care of your company.

If you want to help protect your employees and business from potential liabilities associated with workplace injuries, PolicySweet is here to help. We have provided countless small and starting businesses with affordable Workers’ Compensation policies.

Take a step toward employee safety and help create a safe workplace for your team by obtaining a reliable Workers’ Compensation policy from PolicySweet. Contact us today to get started or complete our online quote request form!

Please Note: State-specific information is subject to change at any time. Always consult with your state’s official information and resources for the most accurate information.