New York Business Insurance

What Are Small Business Owners Saying About PolicySweet?

Types of Coverage in New York:

Do you own a business in New York? If you are looking for ways to help protect your business, insurance can be essential in the event of a claim. Our New York business insurance coverage includes Workers’ Compensation. Learn more about our coverage options to find a policy suited for your business:

Workers' Comp

Workers’ Compensation insurance can protect your business and employees for injuries and illnesses caused by or related to employment. It can help cover the financial impact of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages caused by a workplace accident or injury.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost in New York?

How much you will pay for business insurance in New York depends on a variety of factors. Each variable plays a part in determining your policy premium. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some factors that can influence your business insurance costs are:

  • The industry-related hazards and risks involved in your business
  • The number of employees your business employs
  • The number of years you’ve been in business
  • The coverage types and limits you’ve selected
  • The claims history of your business

Another factor that can impact your premium is the location of your business. For more populated areas like New York City, Buffalo, or Rochester it may cost more to insure your business.

One of the best ways to find out how much business insurance can cost is to get a quote. PolicySweet offers free no-obligation quotes and if you like what you see your business can be insured as soon as tomorrow!

Why Choose PolicySweet?

There are several advantages for choosing small business coverage from PolicySweet, including:

Quick Quotes

The days of waiting are over! Our process is simple and quick. You can get a quote for your business within minutes and be insured as soon as tomorrow.

Customizable Coverage

Each policy is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and protect it against common industry risks.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer different payment options allowing you to choose a payment schedule that works best for your business and can help with managing cash flow.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our team of experts are available to answer any insurance questions you may have or to assist you with choosing coverage for your business. Contact us now >

How Do I Get Business Insurance?

There are two ways to get coverage from PolicySweet. Choose whichever option is most convenient to you, get a quote online or by phone.


Get a quote online within minutes
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The Most Common Businesses Obtaining Coverage in New York

PolicySweet is able to provide customizable insurance policies to a variety of small businesses and professions in New York. Some of the most common types of industries getting small business insurance in New York are:

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