North Dakota Home-Based Business Insurance

Home-based businesses have increased in popularity in recent years in North Dakota. Many home-based business owners rely on their homeowner's insurance policy to help protect them. While these policies are designed to help protect your home and belongings, they might not cover your business.

HomeHQ is a home-based business insurance policy that is designed to help fill in the gaps. Help protect yourself and your assets with a tailored business insurance plan.

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Learn More About HomeHQ Coverage

Our HomeHQSM coverage is designed for business owners running a home-based business. HomeHQ can provide coverage for business liabilities that your renter's or homeowner's policy may not cover.

Our HomeHQ coverage includes three types of insurance: general liability, business property, and inventory insurance.

General Liability

Another term for general liability insurance is commercial general liability insurance. You might also see it referred to as business liability insurance. Most self-employed individuals and small business owners purchase this type of insurance.

General liability insurance is designed to help protect a business from third-party insurance claims. These claims could include bodily injuries or third-party property damage that occurred during business operations. If you don't have general liability coverage, you might have to pay for these damages out of pocket.

Some other examples of claims general liability insurance might cover include reputational harm, advertising injuries, or accusations of slander. General liability insurance can help cover settlements and attorneys fees related to these claims.

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Business Property

Business property insurance can protect a company's physical assets. These items could include tools, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. This coverage applies to property that's rented or owned by your business.

Business property insurance can cover the costs to replace or repair damaged, lost, or stolen items.

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Inventory Insurance

Our inventory insurance policy can cover damage to your business's inventory. Damages could occur as a result of theft, vandalism, wind damage, or fire.

This type of insurance policy refers to the merchandise, products, or goods that you sell. It can also cover the raw materials that you store at your home to make sellable products or items. This could also include items that you've sold but haven't sent to your customers.

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Why Should You Consider Home-Based Business Insurance

As we mentioned before, many home-based business owners believe that their homeowners insurance policy provides sufficient coverage. There are many benefits to having a separate at-home business insurance policy.

You Have a Mobile Business

Many small businesses operate from a cart or a kiosk. This can include coffee carts or pet walking services. You can get home-based business insurance so long as your operations primarily occur in your home.

Clients or Customers Visit Your Home

Do you have client meetings from your in-home office? Can customers visit your home to purchase your goods?

Our HomeHQ policy can protect your company from third-party lawsuits. These can include third-party injuries that happen while you're conducting business at your home. You may be held liable for out-of-pocket costs if you don't have HomeHQ.

You Have Inventory

You can benefit from HomeHQ if you sell products and goods that you keep at your home. A HomeHQ policy can cover damages if your inventory is affected by an applicable loss.

You Want to Protect Your Business Equipment

Your business's equipment or tools could be covered by a HomeHQ policy if you keep them in your home. Our coverage may cover repair or replacement costs if you rely on certain items for your work.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Start an Online Quote

Use our online form to get started on a quote for home-based business insurance in North Dakota. The process only takes a few minutes.

Step Two: Tell Us About Your Business

You'll let us know some basic information about your company when you apply for a quote. This includes where your business is located and how many employees you have.

Step Three: Get Coverage

You can receive immediate coverage if you accept the policy terms and conditions.

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How Much Does HomeHQ Cost?

The cost of your home-based insurance policy in North Dakota is based on various factors. Each business has its own unique needs and goals. Your premium amount will vary based on that.

Items that can affect your premium cost include your number of employees and what industry you operate in.

Why Choose PolicySweet for Home-Based Business Insurance

At PolicySweet, we strive to make it easy to help protect yourself, your assets, and your company. We designed our insurance application process to be simple.

Don't jump through countless hoops and wade through confusing information to protect your company. Get coverage you might be looking for with our HomeHQ policy.

Years of Experience

Your HomeHQ policy is written by Great American Insurance Company and affiliated companies*. Great American Insurance Company is the lead insurer of Great American Insurance Group and has protected American businesses for over 150 years.

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*PolicySweet insurance policies may be provided by unaffiliated insurance carriers in the event Great American Insurance Company and its affiliates are unwilling or unable to provide coverage. Unaffiliated carriers may not have the same ratings and history as Great American Insurance Company.