Business Insurance for Gardeners

When it comes to insurance for your gardening business, you want your coverage to stand out. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure your coverage is as attractive as the flowers you plant. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each gardening insurance policy is hand-picked just for you.

What Insurance Do You Need for Your Gardening Business?

The types of coverages listed below can help protect your gardening business against various risks.

  • Business Owners Policy
    • General Liability
    • Property Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • HomeHQ

Business Owners Policy

Looking to save money and help protect your business against multiple risks? A BOP includes three coverages in one convenient policy. It usually costs less than purchasing each type of coverage as an individual policy. General liability, business property, and cyber-risk insurance are the three coverages that make up a BOP from PolicySweet.

General Liability

In the event someone other than an employee gets hurt, your business could be responsible. General liability can help cover claims for bodily injury or property damage that your business caused to someone else. It can also help cover legal fees you incur while defending against a lawsuit from a covered event.


Business Property

Worried about fires or theft? With business property coverage your business assets could be covered from these types of events. It can help to repair or replace damaged items your business needs to operate. It could also replace lost income if your business suffers from property damage and is unable to operate.



In the event of a computer-related crime, your business may be responsible for costs related to responding to the attack. Cyber coverage can help cover some of these expenses including notifying customers and affected parties, legal fees, and determining the extent of impacted data by hiring professionals.


Workers’ Compensation

If an employee becomes injured or ill due to work conditions, your business could be responsible for covering a wide range of things such as medical bills and missed wages while the injured employee recovers. Workers’ Compensation can help to cover these costs as well as any legal expenses associated with a work-related injury.


HomeHQSM  coverage can help protect entrepreneurs that operate businesses from their home. Liability, property, and inventory coverage are included in a HomeHQ policy. Without coverage, your business could be required to pay financial and legal expenses out of pocket.