Upholstery Cleaning Business Insurance

When it comes to insurance for your upholstery cleaning business, you want your coverage as unique as the furniture you treat. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure you have the coverage you need to help your business shine. From General Liability to Workers’ Compensation, each upholstery cleaning insurance policy is designed just for you.

What Insurance Do You Need for Your Upholstery Cleaning Business?

The following coverages can help to protect your upholstery cleaning business:

  • Business Owners Policy
    • General Liability
    • Property Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation

Each coverage is designed to help protect your business against various risks it may face.

Business Owners Policy

Looking for an easier way to manage your business insurance policies? A Business Owners Policy wraps multiple forms of coverage into one bundle. A BOP is comprised of general liability, property, and cyber-risk insurance.

General Liability Insurance

This type of coverage can provide assistance for covering medical expenses for third-party injuries and costs related to repairing or replacing damaged third-party property.



Property Insurance

If you are concerned about protecting vital business equipment and assets, then property insurance may be the type of coverage you are looking for. Property insurance can repair or replace covered business property if it is damaged, stolen, or vandalized.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance could cover the costs of notifying affected individuals and hiring professionals to investigate the cause of damaged computer systems.


Workers' Compensation Insurance

Are you able to cover medical expenses for injured employees? Workers’ Compensation coverage can help to cover expenses for workplace illnesses and injuries. This benefit can help to attract new employees and prevent existing staff from leaving your company if they know they will be taken care of if an accident occurs.

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