Business Insurance for Fast Food

When it comes to insurance for your fast-food business, you want your coverage to be the combo you’ve been looking for. With a PolicySweet® Business Owners Policy, we’ll make sure you get coverage as quick as your customers get their food. From General Liability and Workers’ Compensation, each fast food insurance policy is served with your needs in mind.

Discover Coverage Options for Fast Food Restaurants:

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What Are the Different Types of Coverages for Fast Food Restaurants?

  • Business Owners Policy
    • General Liability
    • Property Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation

Business Owners Policy

Rather than shop for individual insurance policies, you can get several of the essential business coverages in a convenient package known as a BOP, or Business Owners Policy. Three types of coverages are included in a Business Owners Policy from PolicySweet. Learn more:

General Liability Insurance

If a customer is injured on your property, or if their personal property is damaged, general liability coverage could reimburse for expenses related to remedying the situation.


Property Insurance

If your fast food restaurant incurs property damages, business property coverage could help. You could avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for unexpected expenses related to damaged equipment and items.


Cyber Insurance

A cyber-attack or data breach could cause financial harm and reputational damage to your business. With cyber-risk coverage, expenses to notify impacted parties and hire professionals to determine the scope of damage could be covered.


Workers’ Compensation

Medical expenses from a workplace injury can add up and lost wages caused by the injury can make it challenging to cover those expenses. Workers’ Compensation can help cover both medical expenses and lost wages for an employee. It can also help protect business owners from financial loss.

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