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A Business Owners Policy, or BOP, is a one-stop policy for small business insurance.
BOP features:


General Liability insurance

Protects against bodily injury, associated medical costs and protects against injury claims filed against you including legal costs.


Property insurance

Protects your business from loss due to fire, vandalism, theft, breakdown and more. Property Liability insurance replaces property and lost income caused by a covered loss.


Cyber insurance

Protects your business against data breaches, copyright or trademark infringement.
Data destruction and/or corruption as a result of a virus, cyber extortion, firewall and network security attacks, hackers, worms, and other cyber meddlers.

When major property liability and general liability risks are combined into one policy, you don’t have to piecemeal your insurance coverage. That’s pretty sweet.

Who needs a BOP?

Small and medium-sized businesses alike can benefit from BOP insurance.
Consider the following questions:


Does your business have equipment that requires protection from fire, theft, damage, etc.?


Is it possible you can be sued?


Does your business take credit cards, have a website, and/or have internet-connected computers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business could benefit from a BOP from PolicySweet®.

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What does a PolicySweet BOP cover?

Are there ways to reduce my costs?

Yes, if your business:

  •  Has an alarm
  •  Is newer construction
  •  Is located in a shopping mall
  •  Has multiple locations
  •  Has a sprinkler system

Additional credits may be available if you:

  •  Are the only tenant in your building
  •  Have been in business for more than five years at the same location
  •  Are part of a franchise

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